Ganja International Hospital opened at 9th September in 2015. Hospital is consist of 5 floor, it captured 11.887 m2 area. Outpatient and stationary departments serves in Hospital.


There are 25 medical departments in Ganja International Hospital and over 50 local and foreign, professional, consultant doctors work here. Every department of Hospital is supplied with the modern equipment.


Our medical personal is consist of the most experienced foreign and native doctors who studied in foreign countries. Our specialists worked in different European countries and USA and increased their theoretical and experimental knowledge level.


Check - Up is the best way for prophylaxis of your health and knowing in advance illnesses. You can use different check-up packets with the acceptable price.


You can register to the doctor without waiting in a que or going out from work and home and you can find answer all questions which you are interested with the help of e-service


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